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Vic Visco

Vic Visco

Death was confirmed on the word of fellow classmate Rob Lochner, in whose band Vic played. He died in an automobile accident in 1986.

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12/18/17 03:52 PM #1    

Rob James Lochner

I remember Vics last night well. On Saturday September 6th 1986 we had a really good band rehearsel. We were preparing for our return trip to Hollywood. Afterwards we went out to a house party which was broken up by the police. At that point we headed out with fellow classmates Bob Malody and Bret Cox to a desert gathering over at Harrison just North of Old Spanish Trail. Bob had narrowly pulled Vic out of the way of a big 4 wheeler (kicking up dirt and rocks climbing on to a dirt mound) possibly saving his life. After all was done Vic and I drove over to my house where we sat in his Fiero and talked for quite awhile. Vic had work the next morning (which was a video store in the Safeway shopping center on Broadway and Camino Seco) so he wanted to get going as it was already past 1 am. 

Vic owned his own home on Hedrick and Campbell so no longer lived on the east side. I typically would never watched him drive off but on that night I did and to this day I can still see in my minds eye him driving off, up Kirk Patric Circle.

Just after 5 am on Sept. 7th 1986 I got a call from Vics roomate telling me Vic had died in a car accident. The shock and devistation took many years to adjust to.Noone knows for sure what happened that night. The accident was at Glenn and Campbell the last traffic light before Vic's home. Vic collided with a 27 year old who was driving home from a party celebrating his graduation from a tech school.Both drivers were alone, both drivers died. One of the guys ran a redlight but there was no witnesses. It was reported by people eating at a restaurant down the street who had heard the collision.

There were many coincidences surrounding Vics death with numbers but years later I found it interesting that a new "coincidence" of numbers arose. Bod Malody died on 7/23(11) and Vic died on the 7th day of September at 23 years of age.

I want to share a profound moment in my career relating to Vic. The back story is Vic and I played music together thru 10th grade. We had dreams of playing big time rock n roll. We had no clue as to what it really meant but it was a magical feeling we shared. There have been many times when I've been dicouraged and clung to the dreams we shared to get me through low points in my musical journey. Vic and I stopped playing music together at the end of our sophmore year when he was put on restriction by his parents. He eventually put together a band called "Dark Star". He gave up music around the age of 20 saying he would only play again if he could join me in "Roc Lochner". The opportunity manifest itself when my brother Charlie decided to leave the band in August of "85". A year and a month later Vic passed. It was an incredible year,one I'll always cherish. Seven years after Vics passing I moved to S.Ca. in pursuit of the dream.

Ten months later I get a call from what I considered at the time to be one of the biggest rock stars in the business Rob Halford of Judas Priest to join his band "Fight". Rob gave me 5 days to learn 20 songs, 13 Fight songs and 7 Judas Priest songs. Five days later I'm in Argentina backstage at a sold out soccer arena getting ready to perform the first of 2 sold out shows. I've had no rehearsel with the band, only a short sound check. I was shaking, so nervous it was debilitating. Something in me made me go peek out from the curtain. At that moment I realized, all across the arena that it could've been our crew. My family ,my classmates, myself, Vic and all the friends I used to go to concerst with. Jay Kelso, Dan Felgar, Carl Atkinson, Bob Malody, Paul Siler , and many more.......but now I'm facing the other way. I felt Vic was with me and I said " We did it Vic, we did it" Instantly all that nervous energy was gone , replaced with a vigor and excitement to hit the stage!


12/22/17 04:49 PM #2    

Karen Musgrave (McGraw)

What a beautiful tribute, Robbie! I'm sure Vic is proud.

12/24/17 07:12 AM #3    

Rebecca A. Fuller (Harkins)

I remember you and Vic always being together, unseperable friends.   I'm sure he is with you at every concert. Such a tradgic loss.  Thanks for sharing your memory and helping to keep his memory alive. You've achieved the dream.


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